Intern and Recent Graduate Package/Climber's Option


Make an impression!

You won't sound like that average "just out of college" candidate with this package. Instead, you'll come across as one sharp cookie who knows the ropes. This is a value-packed bundle that adds to the Classic Bunlde by incorporating a much over-looked follow-up or "thank you" letter, and a subscription to the basic Resume Promotion service. The follow-up/thank-you letter is not just a mere pleasentry; it is a strategic document to remind the interviewer about you as a person, and to focus attention upon your value (leveraging the critical information you garnered during the interview).


The Resume Blast adds value by making it easy for you to gain key exposure online with minimal effort on your part. The "blast" uploads your resume to as many as 100 (or more) job boards automatically. Job boards are STILL RELEVANT to a just need to use them differently in the modern age. Don't ingore the benefit of this time-saving service.


For students, recent graduates and professionals with less than 3 years work history, who are serious about finding the right career move and/or need to maximize their visibility and turn-around time for a new role.