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HI-VIS Online Career Campaign: Personal Branding, Expertise Marketing, and Blog Creation - Establish yourself as an expert! NEW!!

If you're not online, you don't exist!
That's the sentiment among high-end recruiters, anyway. In order to stand out and be recognized for your knowledge and achievments, you need to be communicating your "brand name" to the online community through meaningful interaction and content.

Your own blog might be just the right tool to announce your existence to the world, and can even be rocket fuel for your career. Through a blog page, you can engage a community in discussion while providing insights that help others in your field. By establishing yourself as a go-to person for information in your field, you will also show up on the radar of recruiters, hiring organizations, your peers, and industry managers who's questions you may have helped answer.

But before you jump into the blogging world, put a plan together that maps your efforts to an overall career-growth plan. Our HI-VIS (high visibility) Online Career Branding Campaign service takes the guess work out of the process and works one-on-one with you to develop and execute a winning strategy.

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How it works:

We help you design your personal brand strategy and/or build for you a blog-page that helps identifys you as an expert in your industry. No time to maintain your online presence? We can help there too, with our Managed Social Media Solution (coming soon! Ask us for details and let us know that you're interested!).


The HI-VIS product consists of

  • Personal Interview and Branding Session

  • Documented Strategy Tailored To Your Goals

  • Creation Of Your Blog Page (Hosted)

  • Creation Or Streamlining Of Your Social Media Profiles (up to 3 accounts)

  • 30 Days Managed Social Media Enagement: We will build up your base of followers and connections and actively engage the community on your befalf to get you started.

  • We Promote Your New Online Presence Through Our Existing Social Media Footprint On Twitter, FaceBook, LinkedIn, and Others!

Prefer to to go it alone? We can still help you get started if you're not technically inclined by simply creating your Blog Page and showing you the ropes (inlcuding how to make advertising revenue from your new page).


For the first 150 customers who sign up, the blog creation as an ala-carte option is only $99 (regularly $129) for a third-party hosted option; and includes setup, initial consultation, and documented strategic roadmap. Additional charges apply for a private/integrated blog (such as if you want your blog to be found at


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