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You are busy. Very busy. Your job search takes more time out of your day than your last two jobs combined. Up The Ladder understands that, has partnered with MyJobHunter to provide you with an amazing tool that can automate some of the most tedius tasks of the search process.


Let's face it: As much as we promote "quality over quanity" when discussing a client's approach to job hunting, the fact is that if you are out of a job, time is usually of the essence. Multiple strategies are required to cover all the bases; and to some degree, it is in fact a "numbers game". This tool works well when used as a piece of a comprehensive search strategy, and helps keep your resume circulating freshly among hiring professionals with no real effort on your part.

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How it works:

1). Configure search criteria just as you would on any major job board.


2). Upload a resume and cover letter (you can store and use multiple versions and assign different rules to differnt searches)


3). The program searches major job sites for your criteria (Dice, Hot Jobs, Craigslist, and more) and AUTOMATICALLY sends your pre-configured cover letter and resume to search results.


4.) You receive daily reports indicating to what jobs your resume was submitted.


Now that's a cool tool!
And best of's only $39.95 for the first month (includes the one time setup and activation charge), and $9.95 each additional month. Cancel anytime.


Well? Are your ready to sign up?
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