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The InterACTIVE Resume!

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Does your resume jump out and say "HEY! LOOK AT ME!!" when sitting in a pile of 400 other resumes on a manager's desk? Do you want it to?


Standing out is half the battle (ok, it's more like 1/4 of the battle...but it does determine whether you even make it onto the playing field in the first place). The times have changed, and so must your resume.


Up The Ladder has created a special resume product that for those needing an "above and beyond the norm" sort of resume experience. It captivates and compels the reader to inter-act and discover more about you. With only 45 seconds of attention given to the average resume by a reviewer, anything you can do to keep the reader on your page longer is pure gold.


Internet Marketers know this. If you want higher conversions on your web-site (more sales per views) you must keep the viewer on the site long enough for them to decide to purchase. With resumes, you're competing for mind-share: You want the reader to remember you, come back to you, and forward your resume to others in the company.


The InterACTIVE Resume engages the reader by:

  • Possessing a distinctly different look and feel...more like that of a web page, with the same powerful and compelling writing/branding message that you get in any product from Up The Ladder

  • Embedding images and links to your social media profiles (many will check your profiles before interviewing you anyway, and the links make it easy to not put it off)

  • Embedding links to a video/audio resume, online portfolio of work, or other information that may help sell you as a solid candidate for the role

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Don't have a video resume? Don't worry...most people don't. And that's why YOU need one! We can host it for you for free on your dedicated candidate-profile page.

Unsure if "video" is really right for you? We'll discuss the options with you. Video, Audio, both, or depends on you and your desired role and field. But realize that one of the key things that HR and recruiters screen for is "personal presence". Providing a compelling, professional, and short video or audio segment can reassure a viewer that you possess the interpersonal and presentation skills that they are looking for, and move you onto the short list ahead of those who haven't been pre-screened in this way.

Questions? Contact us and we can help you determine if a traditional or InterACTIVE resume is right for your particular objectives.

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