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Career Coaching: Is It for you?

Your career is already your single biggest investment of time...shouldn't you
make sure you're doing it right?

•Are you happy with your current role?
•Earning the money you want and deserve?
•Not interested in career advancement?

If you said yes to all of these, then you don't need career coaching. (But you might still benefit from it of course!). However, if like 80% of the population you are frustrated with your career status, and somewhere deep inside your conscience you KNOW that you need to stop running around in circles; then you're just the candidate we want to work with.


Most people have no idea how to navigate and develop their potential within the career landscape.


Research has shown that 1% of people earning less than $50k have used career coaching/counseling.


5% of those between $50k and 100K have sought such help. What's most interesting though is that

for those in the $100k - $400k bracket, the number jumps to 15%.

That is a clear and strong correlation: Those with greater career success/earning power are more than twice as likely to have utilized the services of a career coach or counselor.

Cost is a big factor of course. Professional Coaching isn't something you buy at the supermarket. Those who know how to succeed don't spend their time teaching others unless it's worth their time.


There are two types of people in the world though: Those whose natural instinctive attitude is to say "I can't afford it", and those with an attitude of


"hmm...what can I do to afford this?"


And what seperates those who climb to the top from those who perpetually flounder is
an attitude of "guts and glory". How much money will you lose over the course of your career by NOT investing in yourself now? Lets say that career coaching helped you get a higher paying role of just $1000 more per year. Assume you never advanced further and worked for 20 more years. That's $20K you are leaving on the table by not making a small investment now. For most, it's more like $200K-$2M that they stand to lose.

You know you don't make $1 Million in the stock market by investing in your savings account. So face it:


You don't become the CEO of a multi-national corporation by not-investing in yourSELF!

Up The Ladder has tried to make it possible for anyone, regardless of income, to benefit form the experience and knowledge of a career coach. We made if possible for you to learn the same secrets and career lesssons for which others have paid $3K to $5K in the past.

Think you can't afford career coaching? Try our micro-coaching package on for size; the Quick-Coach Career Service, which is a 2 day program with our awe-inspiring resume (and cover letter) included at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE!

The Quick-Coach Career Service condenses the topics and services of the more expensive coaches into an affordable and easy to digest format.

Serious about transforming yourself, and doing it fast? The Full Coaching option builds on top of this with ongoing support and in person sessions (service varies depending on location and the assigned coach).

Contact Us for more information and find a coaching option that's right for you.


Quick-Coach Career Coaching


  • Two (2) Coaching Sessions over 2 days

  • Day 1: One-to-two hour initial phone conference to discuss your background and goals in-depth

  • Day 2: One-to-three hour conference (depending on the individual) covering your personalized strategy (inteviewing strategy, job-search strategy, follow-up strategy, long-term career strategy, tools, personal branding and identity, next steps, and review of prepared materials)

  • In between the first and second sessions we will prepare your included resume and cover letter package


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