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Career Boot-Camp

A 1 day powerful and compact seminar that covers everything you need to know to launch your career into hyperdrive or kickstart your job search. We will teach you how to re-invent yourself, define yourself and your goals, and market yourself for greater success within your organization or externally. Career Boot Camps cover the following subject areas in-depth:

  • Resume and cover letter writing: A resume writing professional will work with you to develop a winning resume and cover letter, and you will walk out with professionally written documents equivelant to those sold by Up The Ladder in our bundled packages.

  • Branding and Marketing yourself: We'll discuss what it means to create a "personal brand" and the Ninja Technique: Focusing your strenths and attacking the hiring organizations at their weak-spots, rather than trying knock down the walls.

  • Being found online and navigating the new recruiting environmnet: Times have changed, and so has the hiring/recruiting process. We will teach you how recruiters identify and select candidates, and how you can leverage that information to increase your chances of being contacted for opportunities.

  • Social Media and the job search: We will teach you how to leverage what may be the biggest development in the job-seeking world to arise within the last decade. Learn the right (and the wrong) way to use Facebook, LinkedIn, and other forums to both find your next job and to build and support your career growth.

  • Plus much more!

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If you'd like to be notified of upcoming boot-camps in your area, please Contact Us and let us know what major city you are closest to.

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