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Resume Blasting and Distribution by Up The Ladder Resume

Resume Blasting and Distribution Services

Whether you have the time on your hands to submit your resume to every job search site on the planet, or you're juggling so many plates that you don't really have the time to be reading this page; resume blasting and distribution gives you a competitive edge and relieves you of a lot of tedious leg work.


Up The Ladder's Resume Promotion service (both blasting and distribution) is an important component of most job-seeker's strategy, though it is only a small piece of the puzzle. It's biggest advantage is that it is

low cost compared to the benfit, and should therefore be considered a no brainer--because:

online exposure is one of the top 3 goals of ANY type of job seeker.


Up The Ladder offers two programs; Resume Blasting, and Resume Distribution. These should be used in conjucntion for best results, as they each work their magic from a differnt angle. See the synopsis of each on the right ==>

UpTheLadder also maintains and continually grows it's private and proprietary list of recruiters, hiring managers, and HR employees. The majority of the entries in this database include companies that have posted open positions within the last 6 months (a good indicator that they may be in hiring mode and worth targeting). This list is broad and general (all regions and all types of companies/niche agencies), and a good tool for those seeking entry level to mid-level roles and willing to relocate for an opportunity. Ask to be notified when this list is available via our contact page..

Resume Blast

  • Posting on more than 85 top job sites

  • Exposure to over 1.5 million employers & recruiters>

  • Posting Report on all job sites submitted to

  • Email notification of jobs matching your search criteria<

  • Spam Filter to protect your inbox

  • Confidential posting option--keeps your current employer from knowing your on the hunt


Resume Blast + Distribution

  • Everything you get with the Resume Blast standalon product, plus...

  • E-mail blast of your resume directly to 1000's of recruiters

  • Resumes sent directly to the inbox of recruiters who have opted-in to receive new candidates

  • Not sold separately: Only as an add on to the Resume Blast

  • It would take you months to manually find and submit your resume to as many recruiters as you'll reach OVER NIGHT!

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