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About Us

Up The Ladder was created to fill a void in the career services market.

We began in 2007 as an Executive Resume Writing business, after the founder realized that there were a number of "professional" resume writing services out there that were charging outrageous sums for very little customer value. As we've evolved our site into a full suite of career services and career information offerings, we've held on to the original underlying core philosophy that launched the business: A resume, a cover letter, and other career related documents are marketing tools; and the application of marketing principles to these documents is what makes a candidate stand-out from the pack.

Our team combines a professional, eloquent, and refined writing style that you'd expect from professional published authors, along with the marketing know-how of seasoned business executives who have had experience on both sides of the table (hiring, and being hired). We wanted to see how good and effective resumes could be if we pooled the perfect blend of creative talent and professional experience under one roof. The result is unparalleled paper perfection!

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